Legend of Elga

  • The Kingdom of Dragons, where a single day is equivalent to a 100 years in the Mortal World…

    The king of the Dragon Kingdom is also known as the ‘Dragon Lord’.
    The Dragon Lord is chosen by the 5 sacred Artifacts, which are considered major elements that compose the world.

    Coronation of the 7th Dragon Lord.

    Elga, the leader of the 2nd Royal Guards, committed treason in order to get his hands on the 5 Artifacts. Deckard, the leader of the 1st Royal Guards, tried to stop Elga but was defeated in the process. Elga took the opportunity to use the Time Circle spell and managed to escape to another realm, while the 5 Artifacts fell into the mortal world through twisted time and space.

    The Royal Guards of the Dragon Lord descended into the mortal world with the purpose of retrieving the Artifacts. Sensing the threat that Elga posed, the spirits in the 5 Artifacts decided to split up in search of 5 promising mortal individuals to destroy him. With this action, all their abilities as a sacred power will be lost.

  • The 5 heroes, who were worshipped by others, were actually 5 humans embraced by the spirits of the Artifacts. When the war to retrieve these Artifacts broke out between the legions of Elga and Deckard, darkness and despair shadowed the Mortal World and all living creatures were embroiled in chaos.

    The war seemed to last forever until the 5 heroes, who received their powers from the Artifacts, joined in the battle and upset the balance between the two forces. Elga and his legion were overwhelmed by the alliance formed by Deckard and the 5 heroes, and upon defeat, was locked up in the deepest labyrinth in the Mortal World whilst his legion went into hiding. Deckard’s legion was greatly weakened by the war, and was forced to return to the Dragon Kingdom without the Artifacts to recuperate.

    This war came to be known as the ‘Blue Blood War’ and the 5 human heroes were also given the title as the ‘Heroes of Blue Blood’.

    However, Paris, one of the 5 heroes, in quest for power and immortality, proceeded to exchange her heart with Elga’s. Although Paris obtained what she sought, the darkness in Elga’s heart dominated her soul, and she was forced to become Elga’s slave.

    With the return of Elga, the peace of the world is once again at stake. Who, among the rising heroes and their allies, will be able to restore peace to the world and become a true champion?