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UPDATEPatch Notes For V0.1.10

View 6309 Date Jan. 24, 2013

Patch Notes for V0.1.10



Added Content


Explore the mystical Akia cave accessible from Kazeura Village

Challenge the might of Aram and Mutisha in Kundara Dungeon

Explore the technological dungeon, Red Fox Delta



System Changes


Level cap has been increased to level 60

A logout button has been added to the game launcher

Cash shop is now available

Trade is now available



Bug Fixes


Fixed a bug with the block rate of Katar and Shield not appearing

Fixed a bug with the quest ‘Obtain Elunium’

Fixed a bug with the quest ‘Fight to the Death against Drakes!’

Fixed a bug with Reinforced Megaphone being usable without meeting the level requirement